Discover the business potential between Africa and Turkey.

Our professional trade services team has broad experience in both import and export requests, and we offer trade facilitation services for your business needs.

Company Profile

Istanbul Africa Trade Company improves economic and commercial relations between Turkey and African countries, through professional and effective trade services.

We offer trade consulting for businesses which are interested in importing Turkish goods.

Also, our professional team works with companies in order to increase their presence in the African markets. 


Our experienced and professional team is ready to deliver trusted solutions to your business needs.

Expert advisor

Our advisory services for African and Turkish companies assist them to improve their financial position.

Trusted partner

With our main office in Istanbul and our local affiliates, we are a trusted and established partner for your business.

Our Services

Import and Export Consulting

End-to-end trade facilitation service for businesses in Turkey and African countries.​

Sector and Product Investigation

Detailed product and sector analysis; including product information, price quote and possible suppliers.

Contract Manufacturing

High-quality and affordable contract manufacturing opportunities with assisted trade processes.

Trade Strategy Development

Strategic and operational consulting for companies interested in expanding into African markets.

Latest News

IATC 2019 African Economy Report

Read our latest business report and insights about the trade opportunities between African countries and Turkey.

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