Miles Hydraulic Lifts, Machinery and Equipment

Miles Machine was founded in 1991 as the Turkey distributor of Italian PM Group SpA’s truck-mounted cranes which was followed by Turkey distributorships of the world’s leading Italian and Swedish origin tail lifts manufacturers, in other words, the sales and services for companies manufacturing hydraulic lifts.

In 1999, Miles manufactured the first towing vehicle Eurolift in Europe and Asia. It is patented in Turkey. Since then, Eurolift has been manufactured continuously and Miles is the market leader in Turkey as well as in neighbouring countries.

In 2003, Miles started manufacturing tail lifts. Since 2003, Miles Makine continues to make its mark in the sector in Turkey and Eastern Europe with its outstanding quality and durable tail lifts. Since 2006, the company has been manufacturing in 3 different production units in Istanbul, one of which is  6.000 m2, the second one is 800 m2, and the third one is 2.500 m2 to total approximately 9.300 m2.


Eurolift Vehicle Recovery & Towing Equipment

CE certified, patented Miles Eurolift Double Tower Side Lifting Systems are manufactured according to the European Machinery Directives, assuring the highest level of quality control with mechanical, hydraulic and electronic system tests.

Sliding Platform Recovery Vehicles

Sliding Platform Recovery vehicles are used for the transportation of breakdown vehicles, as well as construction machinery or wheelless roadside assistance vehicles. The breakdown vehicles slide adjacent to the frame and are hoisted by means of the hoisting drum. In addition, in fixed chassis platforms, the rear doors serve as ramps that are lowered to the ground with the help of a hydraulic system.

Load Lifts

Miles Hydraulic Load Lifts have maintained their quality for many years as a industry leader in Turkey. 70% of discount market load lifts in Turkey are covered by Miles. Every Load Lift product coming out of our factory is CE certified and produced in accordance with European Machinery Directives and quality control is ensured at the highest level with system tests. We have been exporting our products intensively since 2010.

Tail Lifts

Our product hydraulic tail lifts have maintained its product quality since 1991 to date and is a pioneer in terms of durability and quality in Turkey. Each Hydraulic Lift coming out of our factory is CE certified and its production is completed according to European Machinery Directives and quality control is carried out at the highest level.

Aircraft Cabin Cleaning Vehicles

Aircraft Cabin Cleaning Vehicles are manufactured according to the European Machinery Directives, providing the highest level of quality control with mechanical, hydraulic and electronic system tests.
They are designed for operating heights of 2750-5850 mm to serve in A300 / A 310 / A 319 / A 320/ A 321 / A330 / A340 / B737 / B747 / B757 / B767 / B777 / B787 / L-1011 / DC8 / DC10 / MD11 / MD12 type aircrafts. Other operating heights are evaluated within the scope of special projects.

Vehicle cabins are coated with high quality polyurethane material, cabin front and rear service doors are custom made according to customer requests and their useful load carrying capacities are designed according to request.

Ladder Aircraft Maintenance Platform

Aircraft maintenance platform is used for the maintenance of planes. The platform is supported with a ladder system. Miles Machine has been manufacturing the maintenance platforms since 2005.

Istanbul Africa Trade Company

Istanbul Africa Trade Istanbul Panaromic_Fotor

Istanbul Africa Trade Company is the distributor of 16 Turkish corporations, collectively having more than 150,000 sqm production area, 1,500+ employees and $120 Million annual revenue. We operate in consumer goods, building materials and machinery sectors. Our product range includes baby diapers, packaged food, construction machinery, building materials, chemicals, mining machinery, and other 120 product types.

Our headquarters are located in Istanbul, Turkey and we have corporate partners in Ghana, Zimbabwe and Uganda.  We are planning to open a new office in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2021.

Our brand in the food sector is Farbelli:

Our brand in the cleaning sector is Proclex:

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