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Trade Cooperation Agreement with Fipronet

30 July 2019

We are pleased to announce the cooperation agreement between Fipronet and Istanbul Africa Trade Company. Our company received the responsibility to market their solar lighting units and  in the selected African countries.

About Fipronet

Fipronet A.Ş., develops outdoor lighting solutions using renewable energy sources. The company had a rapid entry into the industry by combining LED technology and solar energy in the aim of providing proper lighting solutions. Fipronet supplies cable-free reliable lighting appliances to the customer.

Besides its energy saving and zero carbon emission features, the product also provides various options to user with its IoT compatible structure. Light level adjustments can be made easily by automatic dimming and Bluetooth remote access features. Thus, the system allows to avoid light pollution.

Fipronet A.Ş. provides various outdoor lighting solutions by its different models. The company looks for reliable partners for spreading out its brand into Africa.


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