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Trade Cooperation Agreement with Selnikel

3 July 2019

We are pleased to announce the cooperation agreement between Seknikel and Istanbul Africa Trade Company. Our company received the responsibility to market their industrial fans, boilers and burners in the selected African countries.

About Selnikel

Founded in 1955, Selnikel specializes in the design, manufacture, sale and installation of special heating and ventilation systems. It is one of the prominent players in the world with its production facility having 24.000m2 closed area. In addition to the products it produces through its own research and development activities, it has licensed production and distribution agreements with global companies.

Selnikel is Turkey’s leading company in the production of high capacity boilers, burners and fans. Selnikel branded industrial products are used in power plants, iron and steel industry, concrete production plants and many other industrial activities.

In addition to domestic projects, Selnikel designed and installed boilers for industrial plants abroad.


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