Country Profiles in Africa

The 2019 edition of the Istanbul Africa Trade Company’s Africa Economic Report provides a comprehensive analysis of each country’s economic outlook and potential synergies in the international trade arena. Furthermore, the report provides insights on import and export products in Africa. The report was prepared by Istanbul Africa Trade Company Management and regional partners. You can find the macroeconomic and trade profiles of 20 African countries. They provide valuable import and export data of African countries.

We hope that you will enjoy reading the report and find it useful for your business. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information regarding relations between African countries and Turkey.

African countries offer important economic opportunities for Turkish exporters and investors who are willing to increase their revenues in a profitable way. However, the risks and business landscape of each country should be carefully identified. In this report, we presented the economic background of 20 African countries and their economic relations with Turkey. There have been significant investments in certain African countries for a long time, such as Egypt and Sudan. On the other hand, Turkish relations with some African countries improved significantly in the last years, such as Senegal and Ghana. In Senegal, Turkish exports increased from $108 Million to $257 Million in only 10 years.