Sector and Product Investigation

We offer market research services for your business needs. We offer you a wide selection of products and producers with the competitive prices in a detailed report.

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Sector and Product Investigation Services

Reliable Supplier

Tell us what products or services you’re looking for and we’ll find the most suitable suppliers for you. Search our directory of companies to find your ideal supplier. We cover the directories of The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, Turkish Industry and Business Association and The Ministry of Trade.

High Quality Product

Product Quality is one of the major aspects of international trade. Our product and research investigation helps your business to ensure the quality of the product before importing. We analyze and test the possible products, and if requested, we send you sample products for your inspection.

Competitive Prices

Istanbul Africa Trade Company has an extensive directory of supplier companies. We ensure you that all the product prices will be competitive and detailed. In our final product and sector report, we offer you multiple supplier alternatives with respective costs and benefits.

Relationship Management

Supplier performance review at regular intervals can help your company spot any areas for improvement. We regularly check whether you are getting the best price, quality and delivery options for your business. We work on contingency plans in place if you switch suppliers to minimize disruption to your business.

Industry Coverage

You can get the latest industry information from our worldwide network of trade professionals. We cover main industry lines to offer you the most important industry insights. Our industry coverage includes: Energy, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Technology, Agriculture and Retail.

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Extensive Network of Suppliers

In the complex and ever-changing business world, businesses must rise above their competitors. A powerful way to do this is to understand every part of their supplier networks. Our advisers help businesses to stay ahead of competitors and increase profits.

Excellence in Research

We offer professional services on foreign trade and special customs regimes, supporting companies to gain greater competitive advantage in international markets. Relying on our experience and service excellence, we are recognized as the most reliable provider of foreign trade solutions and services in our area.