Mining in Africa

The mineral industry of Africa is the largest mineral industries in the world. For many African countries, mineral exploration and production constitute significant parts of their economies and remain keys to economic growth. African mineral reserves rank first or second for bauxite, cobalt, diamonds, phosphate rocks, platinum-group metals (PGM) and vermiculite.

Metals exported from Africa include uranium, platinum, nickel, bauxite and cobalt. Two of the most profitable mineral exports are gold and diamonds. The continent can produce close to 500 tons of gold a year. Africa generally produces around half of the world’s diamonds, however this has increased in recent years to over 60%.

Most Common Minerals


African countries produce roughly 60% percent of the world diamond production by value. Botswana, South Africa, Angola, Namibia and Lesotho are the major diamond producers.


Africa’s share of world gold mine production is about 21%. South Africa, Ghana and Tanzania are the prominent producers in Africa.


Africa is the biggest producer of the Platinum in the world. It has 92% of world’s total production and South Africa has 95% of total production in Africa continent.


Guinea is the 4th largest Bauxite producer in the world with 19,300 metric tons of bauxite production annually. Guinea has reputedly the largest bauxite deposits in the world. It has 95% of total African Bauxite production.


Copper is a crucial metal for Southern Africa. DR Congo, Zambia and South Africa are the main copper producers in the world with 5% of total global production.


DR Congo produces 60% of world’s total Cobalt production. The econd biggest player in Africa is Madagascar with 4% production.

Istanbul Africa Trade Company and Mining in Africa

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