Utilities and Infrastructure

Utilities and Infrastructure in Africa

Africa faces a huge electricity demand challenge. Existing infrastructure is insufficient to meet current requirements, installed power capacity is expected to rise from 2012’s 90GW to 380GW in 2040 in sub-Saharan Africa. Nonetheless 530 million people, primarily in rural communities, are expected to remain without power. An era of rapid technological change is also coming at a pivotal time in the expansion of African power infrastructure.

Sub-Saharan African water utilities have been able to slowly improve water coverage , but overall piped water coverage stands at only 15 percent. Access to sewer services is in its infancy in Africa, with very few utilities providing such services. Africa needs $20 billion dollars for achieving the Water and Sanitation Sustainable Development Goals in 2030; that is three folds to current investment in the sector. Similarly, achieving universal access in electricity by 2030 will require annual investments of $1 billion a year at minimum.

Istanbul Africa Trade Company and Utilities in Africa

Our company knows that governmental utility projects require big financial support and necessary equipment and machinery. Istanbul Africa Trade Company exports wide range of equipment for utilities.

– Composite Utility Pole

– Electrical wires and cables

– Steel Pipe

– Transformer

– Solar Street Lights