Contract Manufacturing and Outsourcing

Our turnkey contract manufacturing solutions help companies bring their products to market. We are pleased to offer our knowledge and experience to deliver Contract Manufacturing service, working in close collaboration with you.

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Contract Manufacturing and Outsourcing Services

Safe Outsourcing

We offer consulting support to suit your outsourcing requirements.  We help companies establish long-term success in manufacturing outsourcing. With well established contacts in the industry, we offer you an exclusive selection of outsourcing companies.

Product Forecasting

We take the necessary steps to make sure that your  business forecast is reasonably attainable at the aggregate level. The relationship between the contract manufacturer depends on the quantity of production and the level of quantity. We advise on the optimal solution for your business. 

Monitoring Quality

Istanbul Africa Trade Company regularly monitors all the products before the shipment. We assist with the expected product yields, expected parts-per-million failure rates, and control limits for each critical stage in the manufacturing process. We also offer services for tools that enable your business to achieve real-time visibility of the production line in order to monitor trends and identify potential problems.

Cost Budgeting

Istanbul Africa Trade Company assists your company with developing a detailed cost model. We analyse your components and validate the availability of the supply chain. In general, contract manufacturing is most suitable for products with high volume, high labor content and low complexity.

Competitive Prices

Istanbul Africa Trade Company has an extensive directory of outsourcing and contract manufacturing companies. We ensure you that all  prices will be competitive and detailed. In our final offer report, we offer you multiple outsourcing alternatives with respective costs and benefits.

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What is Outsourcing and Contract Manufacturing?

Contract manufacturing is a term when one company arranges for another company in a different country to manufacture its products, which is also known as international subcontracting or international outsourcing. The company outlines all the specifications for the production process to the manufacturer. The contract sets out the requirements, which the manufacturer must meet concerning the quality, quantities, conditions and dates of delivery.

Main Benefits of Outsourcing and Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing offers significant cost advantages to businesses. The businesses can outsource their production to countries with specialization in that area and with cheaper labor costs. Secondly, the businesses can save significant time and effort that would otherwise be involved in researching, purchasing and hiring such resources. Lastly, market demands are constantly shifting, and it is difficult for businesses to efficiently operate within the changing market limits. As a results, when product demand is particularly high, a contract manufacturer can help businesses to increase their production capacity to meet product demands temporarily, without having to invest in new equipment.