Shipping and Ports

Shipping and Ports in Africa

Africa’s minimal integration in world trade is reflected in the contours of its maritime sector yet this portends an enormous opportunity for the world’s youngest and second-most populous continent. The Sub-Saharan African container port system in general remains underdeveloped in comparison to other port systems around the world. Still, maritime shipping is the lifeblood of Africa, with over 90% of the continent’s imports and exports transported by sea. Africa relies heavily on ships and ports to service its intercontinental trade.

While it accounts for approximately 2.7% of global trade by value, the continent contributes higher shares to global seaborne trade 7% and 5% of maritime exports and imports by volume, respectively. While one-third of African countries are landlocked, maritime transport remains the main gateway to the global marketplace. Africa still has problems with its ports from capacity issues to inefficient handling time, poor security and in some places, corruption.

The best-connected countries are those at the continent’s corners, where international shipping routes connect to hub ports, notably in Morocco, Egypt and South Africa.

5 Big Sub-Saharan African Ports

Durban (South Africa)

Durban is the largest port and by far the best performer in sub-Saharan Africa.  South Africa remains the undisputed port leader of sub-Saharan Africa, with Cape Town and Ngqura ranking just behind Durban

Abidjan (Ivory Coast)

Built in 1950, the Port of Abidjan is the economic hub of the Ivory Coast, generating around 80% of its customs revenues. It is also one of West Africa’s leading commercial ports, serving landlocked countries including Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger.

Mombasa (Kenya)

Kenya has positioned Mombasa as the hub port for East and Central Africa. While its performance has improved over the years. In its attempt to become a hub, Mombasa will face stiff competition from Dar es Salaam, the coastal capital of Tanzania, which is vying to serve the same landlocked countries.

Port of Djibouti

Djibouti may be a small country with a population of just 850,000, but it plays a key role as a Western ally in the volatile Horn of Africa region. Now it also wants to play a key role in the region’s shipping industry.

Lagos (Nigeria)

Nigeria, has a coastline of over 850km and more than 70% of its trade by value is transported on ships. The Port of Lagos is Nigeria’s primary seaport but it faces problems with efficiency.

Major Ports in Turkey

  • Mersin Port
  • Istanbul Ambarli Port
  • Izmir Port
  • Samsun Port

Istanbul Africa Trade Company and the Shipping in Turkey and Africa

We provide shipping services to our clients. We ship our products to following ports:

Ports in Africa
  • Mombasa port
  • Durban Port
  • Abidjan Port
  • Djibouti Port
  • Lagos Port
  • Dar es Salaam Port
  • Port of Tenes
  • Port of Alger
  • Walvis Bay Port
  • Port Tangier
  • Richards Bay Port
  • Port of Beira
  • Saldanha Port
Ports in Turkey
  • Mersin International Port
  • Asyaport
  • Safiport Derince
  • Istanbul Ambarli Port
  • Izmir Port
  • Samsun Port
  • Haydarpasa Port