Gordion Partners: Turkish Citizenship and Investment Opportunities

At Istanbul Africa Trade Company, our mission is to create bridges of commerce between African countries and Turkey, offering unparalleled import-export services. In line with our commitment to providing holistic solutions, we are excited to introduce our esteemed partner, Gordion Partners. Renowned for their expertise in facilitating Turkish citizenship through investment, Gordion Partners offers a comprehensive suite of services designed for foreign individuals and companies aiming to invest in Turkey. In this detailed blog post, we will explore the various services offered by Gordion Partners and guide you on how to leverage their expertise to your advantage. Discover more about Gordion Partners at www.investment.com.tr.

Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Investing in Turkish real estate is not only a lucrative venture but also a pathway to Turkish citizenship. Gordion Partners offers an array of real estate investment options. With a minimum investment of $400,000 in real estate, foreigners can embark on a journey towards obtaining Turkish citizenship. Gordion Partners provides end-to-end support in this process, from selecting the right property to handling all the necessary legal formalities.

Opening a Bank Account in Turkey

As part of the investment process, opening a bank account in Turkey is a prerequisite. Gordion Partners simplifies this task by assisting clients through every step. Their team ensures that the bank account opening process is seamless, advising on the best banking options and facilitating the necessary paperwork.

Citizenship by Investment Services

Gordion Partners stands out with their tailored Citizenship by Investment services. They understand the nuances of this process and provide personalized solutions to ensure compliance with all the requirements for a successful citizenship application. Their expertise covers not just the investment aspect but also the legal and administrative procedures involved.

Citizenship Application and Residence Permit Application

Navigating the citizenship application can be complex. Gordion Partners offers comprehensive assistance throughout this process, including the preparation and submission of all required documents. Additionally, they assist in the Residence Permit Application, which is a crucial step in the journey towards Turkish citizenship.

Choosing the Right Real Estate

Selecting the right property is critical for your investment. Gordion Partners’ deep knowledge of the Turkish real estate market enables them to provide expert advice on choosing properties that will yield the best value and meet the requirements for the citizenship application.

Additional Services

Beyond these core services, Gordion Partners also offers a range of additional services to cater to the diverse needs of their clients. This includes detailed real estate investment advisory, house decoration services to turn your new property into a home, furniture selection for your property, and comprehensive real estate brokerage services for a holistic investment experience.


Partnering with Gordion Partners through Istanbul Africa Trade Company opens up a world of opportunities for those looking to invest in Turkey and acquire Turkish citizenship. Their expertise, coupled with our commitment to facilitating strong trade ties, creates a powerful synergy for anyone looking to expand their horizons in Turkey. Visit Gordion Partners at www.investment.com.tr to embark on a seamless investment journey and explore the path to becoming a part of the vibrant Turkish community.

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