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One of our company executives Mete Unal wrote an article regarding Zambia’s rising construction sector and industrialization agenda. Our article was published on the front page of Zambia Daily Mail, the best-selling newspaper in Zambia.


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To support Zambia’s construction sector and industrialisation agenda, Turkish investors will start supplying the country with machinery and building materials.

Istanbul Africa Trade Company director of supply chain Mete Unal said Zambia is among Africa’s fastest growing economies with a strong construction base.

“We are ready to supply the Zambian market with heavy machinery, food processing, packaging, road making and mining machines,” Mr Unal said in an interview recently.

He said Zambia is a fast developing country that Turkey wants to conduct business with.

Mr Unal said to promote Zambian goods in Turkey,
it requires standardised products and credibility from

Considering that Zambia’s trade opportunities are tilted towards China, South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo, among others, Mr Unal urged Zambians to explore the European market.

“Turkey and other European countries can potentially be strong partners for Zambia in trade. There is increased demand in Turkey for tropical products and Zambian entrepreneurs can exploit the opportunity,” he said.

On the negative and positive impact of coronavirus, Mr Unal said companies should adapt to the new business environment to thrive.

He said travel bans and lockdowns have affected
sales and marketing, making it impossible to conduct face-to-face meetings with international clients.

Mr Unal said the company is using its business network in Turkey to boost sales in African countries.

“While businesses risk shutting down, the packaged
food and health care sectors have seen increased sales and higher price level during global lockdowns of the economies,” he said.

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