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Trade Cooperation Agreement with Bunya Plastics Company

16 November 2018 

We are pleased to announce the cooperation agreement between Bunya Plastics Company and Istanbul Africa Trade Company. Our company received the mandate to market their plastics moulding products in the African markets. 

About Bunya Plastics Company

Bunya Plastics Company is a renown company in the Turkish plastics sector. They offer high-quality plastics moulds for innovative products. The company has more than 20 years of export history, mainly to Russia.

Website: https://turkishmoulds.com/

Portfolio of Products

Plastics Mould for Children Car

Price: USD 180,000

Number of moulds: 11


Plastics Mould for Pouring Vessel

Price: USD 5,000

Number of moulds: 1


Plastics Mould for Strainer

Price: USD 16,500

Number of moulds: 1


Plastics Mould for Stool

Price: USD 24,000

Number of moulds: 2


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