Official Partnership in Cameroon

Istanbul Africa Trading Company and Bliss International Holdings are officially partners in the Cameroonian market. Our clients can henceforth reach out to Bliss International Holdings for their export and import requests by placing their orders in containers through their sales team.

Contact of Bliss International Holdings:
Address: Bliss International Holdings, Cité Verte, Yaoundé, Cameroon
Phone: +237 6 7979 9505
Phone 2: +237 2 2222 9249

About Bliss International Holdings

Founded in 2010 by Chi Chi Ladislav, Bliss International Holdings (Bliss) is a Sole Proprietorship Company with HQ in Yaoundé but operates throughout the Cameroonian territory. Upon inception, it has been the pinnacle in the audio-visual landscape in Cameroon. Bliss was first created to handle multimedia demands that existed in the market at the time. With the passing of time and fast-changing needs of our clients and country, we decided to extend our tentacles way beyond to exploit our full potentials in events management exportation, importation, transport and logistics as well as Marketing and Sales operations Management.

Bliss International Holdings is most renowned for her outstanding output and business orientation. We have been a partner of choice to local as well as international bodies who have over the years remained loyal to our services and still recommend us to all and sundry.

Bliss officially became a business partner with Istanbul Africa Trade Company in October 2020 with the main objective of capturing and conquering the Cameroonian market both in the FMCG and machinery business.

Chi Chi Ladislav, Managing Director of Bliss International Holdings

Chi Chi Ladislav is the founder and owner of Bliss International Holdings; a multimedia and consultancy firm which doubles as the market representative for Istanbul trading Africa Company in Cameroon.

Chi Chi is an experienced multimedia expert who is renowned for his audio-visual prowess all over the national territory. His company which was founded in 2010 carries out diverse activities ranging from multimedia production, importation, exportation, transport, construction and events management. His proven business skillset and leadership makes him outstanding throughout the national territory.

He is a certified Tv Producer and also Digital Communication expert from Roycan Audio Systemas.

Istanbul Africa Trade Company

Istanbul Africa Trade Istanbul Panaromic_Fotor

Istanbul Africa Trade Company is the distributor of 16 Turkish corporations, collectively having more than 150,000 sqm production area, 1,500+ employees and $120 Million annual revenue. We operate in consumer goods, building materials and machinery sectors. Our product range includes baby diapers, packaged food, construction machinery, building materials, chemicals, mining machinery, and other 120 product types.

Our headquarters are located in Istanbul, Turkey and we have corporate partners in Ghana, Zimbabwe and Uganda.  We are planning to open a new office in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2021.

Our brand in the food sector is Farbelli:

Our brand in the cleaning sector is Proclex:

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